Membership Groups

  • Moderators

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    As a moderator, they can read, create, update and delete their own content, and can read, update and delete the conversations, events and comments of others.

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  • Guests

    This group includes people who are not signed in.

    Guests can read this forum.
    They cannot create and edit their own conversations, events and comments.
    They cannot update items created by others.
    They cannot delete items created by others.

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    As a member of a banned group, they cannot read, create, update or delete any content in this forum.

    Inherited Group

Membership groups

Membership groups control access and permissions within a forum.

People start with no permission to do anything, and are granted permission by being a member of a membership group.

The vast majority of people are either guests (not signed-in) or members (signed-in).

The default groups are site-wide, and all new forums have these groups. If a forum has it's own custom membership groups, then these may override the defaults and allow for private forums.