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Hey BCC!

I'm Alex, a Russian transplanted onto the British tarmac. I haven't been a cyclist all my life (living in Moscow is bad for healthy habits), most recently I took up cycling once again whilst living in the darkest Kent, initially out of boredom and then for the views. I still cycle for the views (will stop for a pic unless it's a climbing segment), but now I'm in it mostly for the beers and an occasional cake. I'm more of a weekend warrior ¯_(ツ)_/¯, but I am working up my fitness to do some grand touring. I joined BCC because I got bored of cycling on my own, they also said you go faster on club rides.

Stats: 36 years of age, 178cm (5'10"), anywhere between 74 and 78 kg (12 st ±3lb) depending on the time of year and how tasty the beers are. Trusty steed: Giant Defy Adv 1, and debating whether I need my kidney or a Trek Madone more, jury's still out.

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